Who we are

“Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, and what you believe shine through your outward persona.”

 The above quote highlights the notion that resonates in the hearts of the Self Proclaimed Star brand founders: Terry McKinney II, Aaron Lane, Brice Underwood, and Rob Anderson in 2008.Through their passion to create a life imitating art form, a unique image was born...

 When it comes to style, “Self” is the most important; why not be yourself and show who you are in the most current, stylish, versatile, and comfortable fashion that is “Self” driven? Self Proclaimed Star is a clothing company that produces timeless clothing for the Self Made, Self Motivated, thus Self Proclaimed Star. 

 Unique & innovative stance

Self Proclaimed Star fashion allows each individual the opportunity to experience an exclusive design from many options. This fashion brand allows one to express themselves through distinct graphic designs and bold color schemes. Specifically, SPS fashion allows one to be different yet still in sync with styles and schemes of the contemporary fashion world.

Looking ahead, Terry is now looking to rebrand, Proclaimed Star and reintroduce the world to the more sophisticated, upscale, yet still street brand. There have been a lot of success with Proclaimed Star, we are looking to make a statement on the streetwear scene, with meaningful and purposeful original designs. Terry now resides in Las Vegas and continues his journey of intertwining the brand into the streetwear landscape of today! Thank you to all those who have continue to support the brand, and to those who are newly introduced Welcome! “Shoot for the moon, if you miss you will land amongst the STARS!”